My life until July…

About a month ago I started my yoga teacher training at Orbis Yoga in the Clifton Center in Louisville. Since 2008, I’ve been regularly practicing various types of yoga and I am so excited to be learning more about the discipline.

I don’t plan on blogging about yoga too much (the last thing anyone needs is another “yoga journey” blog), but I might be posting some things once in awhile throughout the year.

If you have any interest in yoga, here are some links that I use to support my practice:

Yoga Journal

Ashtanga Yoga

Live Love Teach 

Baptiste Power Yoga with Sean and Karen Conley

Yoga Anatomy

Teachers that have helped me along the way:

Kim Esteran

Jenny Wicke

Selena Pang Minissi

Gioconda Parker

Dido Nydick



  1. Hope the Lit & Engr majors can enjoy podcasts while moving!!! Loved the pile of books and photos of dogs and comments on the shows!
    Was able to read through quickly! Nice!

    Cheers! And hopes for bloggers of gloggers at Xmas time.




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