Best consignment in Louisville

My favorite way to shop for clothes is on consignment. Let me be clear, I do not enjoy “thrifting,” digging through barrels of clothes that smell like mothballs, or hitting up Saturday yard sales. I love to shop “on consignment.”

Many told me that I would be in consignment heaven while living in Austin, TX….not so much.  I can easily say that I have never found a better consignment shop better than Louisville’s own Sassy Fox Upscale Consignment.

Their merchandise is in pristine condition, very reasonably priced, and fashionably up to the minute. The staff is excellent–always friendly and welcoming. I honestly have nothing negative to say about this boutique of recycled finds.

I only had one reservation in writing this post–I feel like Sassy Fox is a mirage in a consignment desert…do I want others to know?!?

Just kidding, of course I do! Please check them out…you won’t be disappointed!! They are located at 150 Chenoweth Ln in St. Matthews…almost too convenient of a location if you know what I mean…

I’m still devastated that these Frye ankle boots listed on their Fall 2011 boots page are not my size:


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  1. […] While I assumed the general cost of living in Louisville would be very low compared to Asheville, Stavanger, Edinburgh, and Austin, I did not anticipate its boutiques and vintage shops to follow suit. However, I am quickly realizing that in Louisville, one can be fashionable without breaking ones piggy bank. […]



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