No Dish Thanksgiving–Megabites Louisville

This will be my first Thanksgiving with family in years…I’m so excited! That week is also my birthday and three year wedding anniversary, so it is bound to be a happy time.

For the past three years, Andrew and I have celebrated all three of these occasions by going out to a swanky dinner. We have enjoyed delicious Thanksgiving/Birthday/Anniversary meals at TangoRedwood, and Shoreline Grill.

This year we’ll be with family for Thanksgiving, but we still want to go out for for birthday/anniversary. We have our eyes on 610 Magnolia — chef Edward Lee is a contestant on the new season of Top Chef!

Megan Malone of Megabites Louisville has a great post on eating out for Thanksgiving–she inspired to write this! I’m a big fan of food/restaurant blogs and this is one of my local favorites. Going out for Thanksgiving dinner is fabulous!

Any suggestions on where to eat a special meal in Louisville?



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