Why Literature Majors love moving…

A couple weeks ago I mentioned why readers hate to move…Now that we are finally settled into the new house, I realize I kind of love moving because I get to put the books back on the shelves. I’m sure all readers can identify with me right? I mean, how satisfying is it to arrange and rearrange your treasures until they are “just so” on those bookshelves?

Ideally this is done while drinking a fancy beverage and listening to some fabulous music. For this particular move, I enjoyed wine and my Best of 2011 playlist, which includes some Adele, Ellie Goulding, Bon Iver, and many more…but just wait, I’ll get more into that in a future post.

I always feel more settled when my books are in their rightful places. Speaking of, I think I will go read right now.



  1. Yes–there is a satisfaction of categorizing the books back onto the shelves after a move & as well finally going through them again so as to pass them on (like for instance, off to Half Price Book–who still buy them, at way below 1/2 price–but that’s OK, they’re recycling…)
    But at my house with all the moves & often things off to storage–it’s my beloved shell collection that gets to be organized back on their glass shelves once again that I love as much (eh more? hmmm…since I love the seashore?!)
    You know I’m still in search of that half round stacked endtable/bookshelf–like yours (seeing your last photo}–no luck so far at the antique shops, will keep an eye out at flea markets next?!
    Enjoy the reading time–it’s all I can do to turn off the smarty phone at night in order to really read?! ;o)



  2. Yay! Looks like you’ve got some wonderful books. The Second Sex, Virginia Woolf, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Tom Robbins, Revolutionary Road — all such good stuff :). And the little Shakespeare figurine made me smile.



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