I’ve got a thing for Crayons

I’ve always loved Crayons, but something lately has me loving them even more. It started several months ago when I found this amazing DIY art project on a great blog, Whatever:
At the time I didn’t have any large canvases on hand, so I had to make do with three little ones. I have these in my mud room, visible when you first walk in the back door. I love looking at them every time I get home:

Here is some more nifty crayon art:
Carved Crayons by Pete Goldlust

Sculpted Crayons by Diem Chau
large scale sculptures by Herb Williams
Pointillism in portraiture by Christian Faur

I don’t know about you, but I want to go color now.



  1. Wow! I have always known that with a crayola in hand there are some serious possibilities, but these projects take it to the next level. I especially love the Pointillism sculpture (is it a sculpture? … It kind of looks like a building…but crayon architecture!? That just blows my mind!



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