Happy Friday Y’all ::: January 20, 2012

Work today, but looking forward to a fancy dinner date at Louis Le Francais tonight. Andrew leaves tomorrow morning for Australia on a work trip. He’ll be gone a week–it will just be me and the Bageldog hanging around.

I’ve got yoga all day tomorrow and a busy week at work coming up, but I’ve still got some fun stuff on my agenda:

1. finish watching Homeland
2. label my jars
3. visit with a brand new baby–one my bestest friends is having her second little girl any day now!
4. Eat lots. Drink lots.
5. Yoga lots.

Happy weekend everyone–holler at me on twitter or Facebook! I’ll be around!

Also, I am a guest blogger on Secondary Embarrassment today– I throw out some extra snarky comments on the Bachelor premiere! Go check it out!



    1. You too! I LOVE jars and buying stuff in bulk, trying to decide if I want to go to the trouble of labeling them. Also wondering if the chalkboard actually works…we shall see…



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