the Dansko ankle roll

I already had the idea for this post a few weeks ago and a tweet from my sister-in-law last night has prompted me to go ahead and post it.
I have a burning question for the world at large:

is it possible to get through a day of wearing Danskos without one single ankle roll?

Because personally, I THINK NOT.



  1. I do not think it is possible. I wore my Danskos (same style) daily in Chicago for 2+ years, and I must have rolled my ankle at least once a day, or close to it. I even remember the stretch of sidewalk where it happened most often. But, man, I loved those shoes.



  2. I roll quite a few of my trousers up in this fashion (except I prefer to wear colourful socks and shoes with the look) and I hated it when the legs used to roll down!
    Nowadays I just take a couple extra minutes in the morning and put a safety pin through from the inside of the trouser leg. One on each.
    Works perfectly and no trouser rolling down!



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