Eating and moving around the globe

Boy, I’m definitely starting to feel the travel bug biting again. Andrew is in Melbourne enjoying some summer right now….definitely a little jealous…

I recently found these short films by Rick Mereki. Funnily enough, they were picked up by STA Travel Australia for promotional purposes.



While the thought of 16+ hour flights, long waits in train stations, and sleepless nights all kinda make me want to throw away my passport, I know that all the logistical nightmares are totally worth it when it comes to travel.

My top five wish list destinations/countries:

1.  Brazil
2. Argentina
3. India
4. Northern California
5. Istanbul, Turkey



  1. I’m totally dying to go to Northern California. Friends just moved there and I’m definitely thinking a visit to see them needs to be arranged!



  2. i love those videos too! i’ve been wanting to go to north cali for a while now. i’d love to go from san fran north all the way to vancouver. i need to save my pennies though!



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