Weekend in Asheville: Photo highlights

Road trip!

we had an amazing weekend in Asheville — so beautiful down there!

Lots of retail therapy (a million thank yous to my auntie Lis — finally got my Smart Wool booties!  Lots of eating & drinking at the best restaurants, basketball watching, visiting w/ friends, etc.

supplies for the 6 hour car trip

a porch made for sittin’

wine tasting at Asheville Wine Market

dinner at Tupelo Honey

the prettiest display of tank tops downtown at Virtue. wanted one in every color!

doing damage at Discount Shoes…a mecca located just outside of Asheville…an institution and a little slice of heaven. I had about ten pairs I could have bought, but limited myself to just one.

these gals have been friends since preschool — amazing!

a great birthday card at Malaprop’s.

a sculpture at New Morning Gallery that looked exactly like Mr. Forrest!

Lis getting her hula on

our favorite wind sculptures at Grovewood Gallery




  1. Auntie Lis here wondering where my wonderful pals went!!! Hey, dig that hoola HOOP March Madness? We blitzed Asheville in 48 hours! New shopping record…….Love the pics!



  2. Impossible to pick a favorite, but the pre-school pals tugged at my heart-strings! So glad you all had a safe, fun, gastronomically and economically-fulfilling trip!!



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