5 Favorite Things: an assignment from Tracy and Joy

this week I’m taking on an assignment from Joy and Tracy of one of my favorite podcasts, Joy the Baker on HomeFries. 

they challenged listeners/readers to blog their favorite things this week. I always love taking about my “favorites” and will never pass up an opportunity.

Here are five of my favorite things this week:


Many thanks to Siggi’s for the awesome yogurt! I’m officially addicted now…

Many thanks to Sassy Fox Consignment in Louisville for my awesome Gianni Bini sandals.

and so more thank yous to my husband for my awesome back scratcher from Los Alamos.




  1. I like this list! I am trying to think of my 5 favorites. TOUGH. Ok here’s my list:
    1. Old Navy jeans, Flirt cut, size 12 Long. I need the extra length, and the stretch accommodates me even when I’m feeling a little, um, not thin.
    2. My spin shoes. I can’t even tell you who makes them, but they make the experience of spinning so much better.
    3. Daily disposable contacts. I’ve worn them for at least 10 years, and they’ve revolutionized the way I wear my contacts. Wear once, toss. No cleaning. No problems. LOVE.
    4. My hot rollers. OK. This list is getting pretty MILF’y, but I dearly love the way my hair looks just after it is curled.
    5. Luna Bars. I love them all. they make a good pre-workout snack when I don’t want to take time for a full breakfast at 5 a.m.
    I know there’s a lot more that I love – anything from ModCloth for example – and I’ll keep thinking.



  2. My five favorite things this week:
    1. My extra large purse that was an excellent tool for sneaking all kinds of junk food into the movies on Sunday
    2. Coffee: caeffine has been my best friend for a long time.
    3. My new work laptop: ready to get this show on the road. Let’s see what this baby cobra can do!
    4. Fritz: he makes me so happy, crazy cat lady all the way
    5. my new bright sorbet colored nail polish: It’s like a party every time I look down at my hands!



  3. Love your favorite things post! Mrs. Meyer’s products are great – I especially like the basil scented hand soap! Also those shoes are a great find!



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