homemade citrus soda

I have been addicted to this ever since the weather became so unseasonably warm. We moved into our house in November, so this is our first spring here. All the windows bring in so much light and fresh air, I needed a drink to match!

I came up with this after drinking a ridiculous amount of homemade margaritas. 

grab some citrus. I used Cuties here…because they available and so cheap right now.

and a juicer.

and some ice.

and to be completely over the top, grab a jar. No, this is not a mason/ball canning jar, but a cookie butter one. HA!

cut several Cuties in half. If using lemons, limes, grapefruit, etc, obviously use less.

juice the fruit, being careful to press slow and steady to avoid losing juice out the sides.

…until jar is about a third of the way full.

top with tonic water (I go back and forth between diet & regular…there is no difference in flavor)


and that’s it! yummers– lip smackin’!



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