Two snacks, one good, one….good?

Yeah, so I don’t have a recipe today…just two different snacks that I’ve made lately.
One is super healthy, tasty, and has some sort of nutritional value:

And one is just plain comforting:

I just finished reading the best little bookWhat We Eat When We Eat Alone” by Deborah Madison. After reading it, I didn’t feel quite as bad about my ultimate guilty pleasure snack: butter on saltines (I know, I know…). When I was little, my grandmother would “make” this snack for me. Whenever I’m feeling melancholy or when I want something undoubtedly satisfying, I make myself a plate of these.

Bonus: this week I found the most perfect accompanying beverage: a bloody mary sans vodka…is that weird?

Also, if you notice, I tried to health it up a bit–Earth Balance and whole wheat Zestas do the trick, right? Ha!


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