Christmas 2012…already looking a little movie crazy

This Christmas is going to be a movie-watching bonanza extravaganza.

Pretty excited about all of these, even if I have a hate-hate relationship with Baz Luhrmann movies).

Most excited for Les Miserables though–first trailer released today!

source  Ann Street Studio: you. are. awesome



  1. Nothing like a series of great films to make Christmas that little bit better! I must admit, being quite the LOTR fan, I’m really looking forward to the Hobbit. Pretty excited that Peter Jackson is continuing on to direct the film, sure does give it a promising outlook.

    Great Gasby also looks pretty awesome, who isn’t intrigued by 1920’s New York? Seems to have a pretty good story line going for it, from watching the trailer.

    Unfortunately, I may be heading to Nuremberg Christmas Markets this year, which may mean a whole of patience before I get to see the hobbit in particular!



    1. Thanks so much for these great comments–I am SO excited about these!

      BUT….I’m mostly jealous you’ll be visiting German Christmas markets…one of my most favorite things when living in Europe!





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