some summer essentials

In my opinion, every season requires a few special things in order to fully enjoy it. Such as pumpkin-spiced  flavored candles and coffee drinks in the fall and gløgg in the winter.

Here are a random eight of my summer must-haves:

Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper — discovered this last year. I know it’s sacrilege around these parts to eat off the cob, but I’m sorry, this just makes it too easy.

The true test of a great summer? The intensity of your Chaco tanlines. Needless to say, Andrew and I don’t need more pairs, but how amazing are these?!?!?!

Fruit. The more the better.

Books. But for me, it must be a certain kind of book. Well-written and preferably literary fiction, but still entertaining enough that it works at the pool or while swinging on the porch. These are some good examples…except for the Gilman one…it’s probably just pure entertainment.

Avocado. And I just discovered this, which I need in my house right now.


Crisp and cold white wine. Thank god I really like the Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc so I can have a little bit every night!

A stoop/porch for some quality sittin’ and drinking the above.

Ready for summer! Things I could do without? The dreaded high temps, the possibility of wearing a swimsuit, and mosquito bites.



  1. Nice take on the summer bucket list! I read Atonement a few summers ago; it was so much better than the movie, but isn’t that how it always is? Glad to have found your list via homefries and this nifty little assignment!



    1. yay!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

      I LOVE Atonement and yes the book was far better for sure. I did like the movie though!

      your blog is pretty! see you around the internets!



  2. So many things in this list that I love! Very awesome. I definitely need some new reading material….what’s a recent book you’ve enjoyed? PS I love Instagram! I’ll totally follow you! :) My name is CHartlaub, if you’re still looking for people to follow. :)



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