real talk…and a messy kitchen after a long week…

soooooo…this is the truth of life tonight. Kitchen’s a wreck, there’s dog hair covering most of the floors, laundry needs to be done, no blogging is ocurring, and I haven’t listened to much this week.

It’s all about choices. This first week back to work has been great. I’m kinda loving my new job and want to be very prepared for the official first day w/ students on Monday as well as keep up with my yoga practice. soooooo…when I got home from work this afternoon I went over to the studio to get back to my practice, rather than clean the house or blog…

So happy to have a job that I like! But now I gotta get back in the routine!

So honestly? I didn’t listen to much podcast/radio wise this week…only a few shows…we’ll leave it to next week…

See you back on Sunday with an especially special fictional character.


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