guilty pleasures: summer 2012

summer is almost over (thank god). Despite the horrendous heat, I had a pretty great one. started up the studio, got a new job (that didn’t start until over a month later…!!!), brought home an adorable new doggy, and watched the olympics like a boss.

unfortunately, I also enjoyed a few things that I am not so proud of. 1 of which can be observed in the photos above…I basically quit brushing my hair this summer…it has happened before, i just haven’t had long hair in awhile. i’ll own it. hey, i am the person who didn’t pack a hair brush for a study abroad summer in spain

as usual, every season brings a new batch of guilty pleasures. here are some of mine for summer 2012:

The CW’s docu-series, Breaking Pointe

if you didn’t watch this short lived (only 6 episodes long) reality saga, i’m sorry for you. chronicling behind the scenes drama at Ballet West in Salt Lake City, this series is chock full of dance rehearsal footage–one of my fave things!

Magic Mike

any explanation needed? didn’t think so… However, I think it was more hoopla than anything that made this such fun.

Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps + a jar of Nutella + a knife

….ohhhh boy.

The Bachelorette

….TEAM JEF WITH 1 F! i called him from episode one…god, this show(s) is terrible…why can’t I stop watching it?!?! really does make me wonder about myself.

glad to have this all behind me…bring on fall!

source, source


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