4 years ago today…

Happy Friday everyone!

Four years ago today, Andrew and I hopped on a one way flight to Europe. We flew to Frankfurt, Germany and spent three weeks driving and traveling throughout Germany, Italy, France, and Amsterdam before heading up to Norway. 

It was a wonderful time. Staying in hostels in questionable areas, bunking with old friends from study abroads and drinking beer for 12+ hrs at the last day of Munich’s Oktoberfest,  eating roast chicken in French truck stops…

I miss it sometimes, but life here is better than ever. Here’s hoping there is much more of this spontaneous travel in my future.

What’s on your schedule for the weekend? Not much for other than teaching. I have a week off of work for fall break coming up, headed to Johnson City, Tennessee and (yes, again) Asheville for a few days next weekend.



    1. Awww thanks!! Funnily enough, these were taken with a point and shoot before I got my nice camera!!! I’ll have to look up what kind it is, I forgot!

      Thanks for the comments




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