Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Anne of Green Gables…


Like the title of post says, don’t get me wrong I love Anne of Green Gables just as much as the next gal, but HOLY…

One of my fave bloggers tweeted this link yesterday and I found it so absurdly crazypants that I had to share. Also, I want to see how many repins it gets, all of which will most likely be in earnest….face palm.

I didn’t have a wedding when I got married, not my thing and I can honestly say I think since Facebook and Pinterest the whole thing is getting out of hand, but these folks take it to a whole new level. Bravo!

Ridiculous commitment to theme aside, I do think these are some nice photos, taken by Jessica Zais Photography.



  1. haha! i ..uh..i…actually kind of like it?! — not for me (my wedding) of course, but to attend? can i make that distinction? –agreed that pinterest has taken weddings to a whole new level of crazy. glad i didn’t have it or i would have totally become one of THOSE crazies. ;)




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