less is more

downloadYou might have noticed that I’ve made a few little changes around here. I had a blog epiphany several days ago. I realized that less is more. I have streamlined my post categories, pages, etc. I want to focus on quality over quantity and get organized in the new year.

I still hope to bring you podcast recs, fictional characters, and nifty art, but will do so under the series “Life is Better With…” I hope to post more about yoga and news on the studio on Capitol Avenue. And lastly, I want to use this space as a motivator to paint more! (Etsy shop, Etsy shop, Etsy shop) I will also continue to obnoxiously celebrate Fridays and share my Instagram photos.

And tomorrow I will start a new series: Camera Workout 2013. I am doing a weekly photo project that will FORCE me to use the Pentax more and more. Week one will be up tomorrow!

Meanwhile, if you read this blog, I would LOVE to hear from you. What do you like? What would you like to see? Would you be interested in sharing some of your favorites things?

Get in touch with me in the comments section here, or email: yepindeedblog@gmail.com or on twitter: graylinsample



  1. Love to see what books you are reading, new music, etc. Wish my blog looked like yours…but enjoying blogging as well and trying to keep mine up to date!



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