Restorative Yoga

Photo Oct 16, 7 43 00 PM

New class starting at the studio…tomorrow!

I’m pretty excited to begin offering a bi-monthly restorative class. Restorative yoga uses lots of props and is focused primarily on relaxation and the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Most postures are on the floor, lying down with blocks, belts, and blankets supporting the body.

Music accompanies this practice (yay!) Ahhh………Spotify is the greatest.

This class will be offered the second and fourth Monday of every month, 5:45pm – 7:00pm, with a different focus each session:

01/14      Stress Relief
01/28      Lower Back
02/11      Shoulders
02/25     Hips
03/11      Breathing
03/25     Arthritis Relief
04/08    Release Tension
04/22     Upper Back

Cost: $8 per class

Because we use a ton of props in this class, space is limited. If you would like to attend any of these sessions, please let me know the day of (or a little earlier if you’re into organization, I don’t mind!).

You can call or text me: 812-736-1949 or reserve a spot by email:




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