Camera Workout: Week 4

Photo Jan 26, 9 59 31 PMNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Thankfully Andrew is the most wonderful husband ever and can fix things like this. New glass kit ordered and it was fixed in less than a week! Phew…
Photo Jan 26, 10 00 19 PM
Gotta love a handmade thank you card from a three year old! Thanks Lilly!
Photo Jan 26, 9 55 04 PM
About to get roasted!
Photo Jan 26, 9 58 01 PM
I’ve recommitted myself to this cause. (Dog hair everywhere…for days)

Photo Jan 26, 9 58 54 PM
This is what happens when you a) don’t brush your hair for three days b) decide that an inside out ponytail is a good idea and c) then teach a couple yoga classes. I’ve gotta start making some kind of effort with this hair…
Photo Jan 26, 9 56 32 PM

Mid-Saturday afternoon cocktail experimentation. Thanks to this recipe! Yummmm…
Photo Jan 26, 10 01 45 PM
Bagel had to bundle up to watch Sunday Morning…it’s been COLD around these parts!
Photo Jan 26, 9 57 27 PM

Looking through Dad’s box of old coins, lighters, and photos. Fun!
Photo Jan 27, 8 43 06 PM

My grandfather’s old Zippo
Photo Jan 27, 8 51 45 PM

Keeping up with that first resolution! Great game. Photo Jan 27, 9 28 35 PM

Phew! Already a month down. This is a bit of a daunting task, but it has proven so far to be super fun. 


One Comment

  1. Oh crap, I accidentally hit enter! :( Anyway I found on you on the comments from the Joy the Baker podcast and I was just perusing your site and I saw the Indiana game! Made me smile!!



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