Camera Workout: Week 16

Photo Apr 21, 10 14 32 PM

It’s homemade soda season again! Remember this post from last year? Clementines, tonic water, boom.
Photo Apr 21, 10 17 11 PM

I love you in Norwegian..definitely the corniest thing in our house.
Photo Apr 22, 10 27 08 PM

Photo Apr 21, 10 12 54 PM

Trying to get out of helping me with laundry folding.
Photo Apr 22, 10 27 47 PM

I ate this soup all week for lunch…it was good, but by Thursday I was having a hard time.
Photo Apr 22, 10 28 15 PM
This Tabac scented candle is my new obsession…until I realized it’s a “crackles as it burns” candle…?!?!?!? Who thought this was a good idea!??!
Photo Apr 21, 10 13 25 PM

Brought a defective banana…What gives Trader Joe’s?
Photo Apr 22, 10 23 12 PM
Splurged on eggs from nearby Dutch Creek Farm. So delicious…not sure I’ll be able to go back to regular…
Photo Apr 21, 10 17 42 PM

Photo Apr 22, 10 17 36 PM
I found my Pagekeeper! I know it sounds crazy…but it makes me read a bazillion times faster?! Finished The Interestings, now halfway through with this Jennifer Close book…pretty fluffball, but I’m having fun with it.
Photo Apr 22, 10 24 03 PM

Have a great week all.



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