Happy Friday! May Round-up


May is over…that means June is starting, which means it is officially summer. This will be my second summer in a row that I am off from day job. Feels pretty good. May has brought lots of new and exciting things. Alex and Kayla moved to Cincinnati and their house is adorable! Have already enjoyed one of very many visits to come.

Also, while on a motorcycle ride about three weeks back we noticed 8 acres of densely wooded land about 2 minutes from downtown Corydon…for sale. Fast forward to yesterday when we MADE AN OFFER ON IT?!?! WHA!?!? Still can’t believe it. The seller has until six tonight to respond…anxiously awaiting a phone call from Andrew today. Fingers crossed! We are years from being able to build, but it is still so exciting!! EEK!

2013-05-01_1367373682 2013-05-03_1367542920 2013-05-04_1367681667 2013-05-04_1367687450 2013-05-04_1367693048 2013-05-04_1367693311 2013-05-05_1367779232 2013-05-05_1367793624 2013-05-06_1367802505 2013-05-06_1367802600 2013-05-06_1367874822 2013-05-06_1367876346 2013-05-08_1367978485 2013-05-09_1368058121

2013-05-11_1368284764 2013-05-11_1368284887 2013-05-12_1368383939 2013-05-12_1368398254 2013-05-13_1368404995 2013-05-14_1368570166 2013-05-15_1368585329 2013-05-19_1368925137 2013-05-19_1368982600 2013-05-19_1369001008 2013-05-20_1369079394 2013-05-20_1369080666 2013-05-21_1369165171 2013-05-23_1369340130 2013-05-24_1369437624 2013-05-25_1369485541 2013-05-25_1369487662 2013-05-25_1369512229 2013-05-27_1369667167 2013-05-27_1369674890 2013-05-28_1369702980 2013-05-28_1369703587 2013-05-29_1369834421 2013-05-29_1369870013 2013-05-30_1369931254 2013-05-30_1369939404 2013-05-31_1369959179 2013-05-31_1369999077 2013-05-31_1370035976




  1. Good luck on the property! My fiance and I are planning on doing the same, buying some land and building our home, we haven’t found the perfect spot yet. My fingers are crossed for you two.



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