Camera Workout: Week 24

Photo Jun 16, 4 17 21 PM (1)

Dogs x 1000

Baby Porter is coming very soon!
Photo Jun 16, 1 32 49 AM

Photo Jun 16, 1 29 24 AM

Trying to write up the list of who gave what on an iPad after two Belmont Breezes…yeah
Photo Jun 16, 1 28 15 AM

Went exploring the (our!?!) land…turtle!
Photo Jun 16, 6 19 24 PM

I’m pretty sad this tree is going to be taken down in the next couple weeks. Boo
Photo Jun 16, 6 16 40 PM

This old abandoned house is creepy.
Photo Jun 16, 6 13 18 PM

OzzieWalder visited from Asheville!
Photo Jun 16, 10 25 14 AM

My sweet boys
Photo Jun 17, 7 25 42 PM

A great week. We had a wonderful time showering Kaylex on Saturday. Now on the the next thing!



  1. Hey Lady! Great picture!! I hate to see any tree removed. Where is your property? When is the baby due? Boy or girl? Name? Where are you working? How are Mom and Dad! How does Alex feel about being a Daddy? Gee!!! All I have are questions! I hope you can give me some of the answers!



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