yogis come to etsy

Photo Jul 01, 10 09 04 PM

Photo Jul 01, 9 48 29 PM
Photo Jul 01, 9 43 57 PM
photo 2I have always drawn these bizarre black stick figures. In high school I had a few that were about three feet tall painted on my bedroom walls (my parents rocked). I’ll even admit that I actually have one tattooed on my body. I’m serious….I was 18! Just kidding, I’m not ashamed. I actually really like it…it’s tiny and not visible really. And honestly,  I would totally get one of these on my forearms if I wasn’t such a chicken.

Anyways, I digress. I love to draw these little guys and have since added them to my etsy page. I hope to maybe eventually get these onto tshirts, merchandise, etc maybe? Right now  I have prints available on my online shop, check them out here. 


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