Camera Workout: Week 27


Decided to actually chop up some garlic instead of using minced out of a jar…better, but yeah, not really worth the effort.

This kitty is going to take a tumble while trying to catch fish…
Photo Jul 08, 12 00 34 AM

Pretty cabinets in the studio

Photo Jul 07, 10 48 25 PM

Water feature!

Bageldog looking majestic

This summer has been fabulous for gardens.
Photo Jul 08, 12 04 22 AM

Andrew caught me walking like a boss
Photo Jul 08, 12 08 38 AM
And looking a little crazy
Photo Jul 08, 12 08 41 AM

Rocking out
Photo Jul 08, 12 05 05 AMReuben loves it when I go to Target & impulsively buy him new stuff…and yes that is dog hair all over my couch…relentless & always.

Chalk at Orbis Yoga

Only about two weeks more until I go back to work! I cannot believe it…actually kinda ready for it. Does that make me crazy?



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