Camera Workout: Week 28


Photo Jul 11, 11 39 46 AM

I love this blanket at Orbis.

Butterbear Debbie Kitty Girl (her name keeps getting longer and longer)
2013-07-04 19.04.24

Have been a little obsessed this summer with making this bound version of ardha chandrasana somewhat easier…
Photo Jul 14, 2 09 52 PMWe had an anniversary party at the studio! Cannot believe we’ve been open a whole year. We keep getting bigger and bigger…so awesome
2013-07-12 23.23.26

We had a garden party with lots of wine after class…shhh don’t tell anybody! Bad yogis…
2013-07-13 00.26.31

It’s been pretty sublime outside for riding motorcycles
2013-07-14 11.23.47

2013-07-13 20.31.02

And I had to steal this last one from Alex and Kayla…

Baby Graham Cracker is here! So excited for Alex and Kayla. I cannot wait to go up to Cinci and see him on Friday. Also planning a trip to IKEA…two birds! Ha!



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