Camera Workout: Week 29

2013-07-15 07.58.56

Early Monday morning coffee dates are so good.

Andrew’s warming up to this fine kitty
Photo Jul 20, 5 02 46 PM

A blurry Bagel dashing down the path
Photo Jul 21, 6 57 42 PM

Cutest nephew ever! Ha!
Photo Jul 19, 8 22 42 PM

Big brother wondering what has happened to his life
Photo Jul 19, 7 15 54 PM

IKEA swag…a total hassle to install, but now between it and my new wireless iPad dock, my counters are almost totally clear! Woohoo!
Photo Jul 21, 6 10 34 PM

Relentless. a black hole of misery
Photo Jul 21, 8 00 00 PM

I made thai food for dinner

Photo Jul 21, 6 26 54 PM

See all those books stacked on top of the shelves in the far distance?!? Those are out of order…puke

Photo Jul 22, 11 14 27 AM

Getting back in the game…phew
Photo Jul 22, 12 34 22 PM

Great week–hope you had a nice one too!


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