Camera Workout: Week 30

20130726_080443_1The weather has been absolutely ridiculous around here. So beautiful.

The corn is everywhere around here.

Kitty snuck into the studio…

Running around out in the country.

This weather was made for walking on the Big Four
2013-07-28 10.43.03We spotted some swimmers while walking up there…can only mean one thing: the IRONMAN in Louisville is only a few weeks away


After walking the bridge we drove down to Versailles to visit Woodford Reserve
2013-07-28 13.44.57


2013-07-28 13.12.59

Lots of fermentation happening
2013-07-28 13.54.17
My main thought: what if this place caught on fire?
2013-07-28 14.26.10

I found Thunderbird Energetica in Rainbow Blossom! Go Texan. 
Back tomorrow with even more photos…July wrap-up and such!





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