Camera Workout: Week 36

2013-09-05 16.12.01
Trying to break in and flatten 8 Manduka PROs…not easy

The glory of a happy meal toy

2013-09-07 11.48.42
Night out at Basa to celebrate Andrew’s new job (yay!). I had a lobster + crab bisque with citrus greek yogurt sauce that was maybe one of the best things I’ve ever eaten
2013-09-07 18.53.30
Giving kitty girl some love after a motorcycle ride
2013-09-08 15.47.16
2013-09-08 15.49.31

Two days in the hospital, hooked up to IV fluids will make you feel sad:
2013-09-10 15.33.59

I know I blogged about her first cookbook way back when, but I hate to say it, I love this one too! Only one thing: she likes to “recommend” you buy the most expensive, fair-trade, organic, free range, blah blah blabbity blah version of every ingredient. I have used what I have and the recipes seem fine. Also, I’ve been cracking up at some of the rare “candid” photos of her and her children throughout the book.
2013-09-11 15.08.23
Zooming out a bit here. When will I use my kitchen table for anything other than a dumping ground for library books, purses, bags, mail, etc?
2013-09-11 15.09.06


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