Camera Workout: Week 41

I apologize for the number of dogs photos in this post. Sometimes you just have to…I promise, I interact with humans…sometimes.
Tis the season
2013-10-11 17.21.46
Macaroons all the way from Thomas Keller’s bakery at Bouchon.
2013-10-12 12.53.58
Pre-walk excitement…i.e…losing their minds
Because we had a baby and a baby sized armchair nearby…
Stop it.
Love this picture!

This is a funny looking dog
2013-10-13 12.13.06
So happy to have a resource for Lone Star…Texas Forever…Ah, I miss Friday Night Lights
2013-10-13 17.37.11
Is it just me or should this cat be bigger by now?
2013-10-12 15.10.47
That’s jalapeno cheddar cornbread bubbling.
2013-10-14 15.38.08
Watching Giada while cooking…please try to ignore the horrible smudges on my iPad screen…gross
2013-10-14 15.44.41
Boot season baby!
2013-10-15 15.07.18

I’m still on fall break. Headed back to work on Monday. Have been doing nothing cooking and reading really. Took all last week off yoga due to a pulled muscle, it’s crazy how much different a week makes…I feel stiff as a board in there!


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