Camera Workout: Week 43

2013-10-26 16.04.16

Another botched attempt at photos for my blog
2013-10-26 16.04.29
Impromptu photo session at the park…this is what happens when you throw your phone at your husband and say “take a picture of me for my about page!”….NO
2013-10-26 16.04.03

I found out that my dream man lives inside Land’s End mens catalog…who knew?!?
2013-10-26 13.42.55

Already prepping for one of my 2014 resolutions…organized my yoga clothes into three bins: tops, bottoms, and sports bras
2013-10-20 17.15.47
Harrison County Halloween parade…lackluster at best
2013-10-26 18.10.21
2013-10-26 18.36.14

Finally got around to watching Before Midnight. Depressing as all get out…liked the best out of three in some ways and in others it’s my least favorite?!? Weird
2013-10-28 16.19.41In love with Mom’s latest IKEA find
2013-10-26 14.21.45

Had to include this iPhone snap of from my brother…given the angle, my head looks ENORMOUS! Ha–love it…also, love my Kyle doggie




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