Camera Workout: Week 44

2013-10-30 14.35.12
ring bling in traffic
zero trick or treaters meant we ate this…all except for the whoppers and jolly ranchers of course
2013-10-30 14.54.40
Bageldog shoulder
2013-10-30 15.10.07
If you’re in a store, see this, get incredibly disgusted, and then curious to see what it smells like, DON’T do it. I’m still recovering. Gross.2013-11-02 11.26.01
This Japanese maple looks amazing out the studio windows…perfect focal point for classes
2013-11-02 14.11.04

Leavenworth, Indiana
2013-11-02 11.35.25
It’s kitty girl! Oh, and Hammy
Gift cards for classes now available at the studio
2013-11-03 13.34.12
the start of some Pioneer Woman baked fudge...I use Earth Balance instead of butter, can’t tell a difference at all–100% decadent chocolate dessert with almost no effort at all.
2013-11-03 14.49.08
And it’s even better when you have pretty new ramekins
2013-11-03 14.49.47
There was a lot of this last weekend
2013-11-03 16.55.20
Lots of family portraits at the park…pretty sure we might have walked through the background of at least one
2013-11-03 16.59.19
2013-11-03 17.24.53
I’m in the middle of book fair and yoga has been exploding (in a good way). Things are going quick!


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