Camera Workout: Week 46

2013-11-16 15.31.49
Went for an afternoon stroll out on the land
Still have a hard time believing it’s ours
2013-11-16 15.30.01
Whoa…I was sick, sick, sick for a few days…While You Were Sleeping is the best movie ever btw
2013-11-17 11.32.12
Making paper cranes and drinking hot chocolate….with bourbon in it…yep
2013-11-17 14.56.46
My most favorite boots ripped this week…they were my grandmothers..10+ years old…I haven’t had the heart to toss them yet…
2013-11-18 16.13.49
Remember that time my Dad made my Mom a massive Tetris board for Christmas? Genius.
2013-11-19 08.47.48
New birthday leggings from Mom!
2013-11-20 14.44.07

Yeah and that’s all I got for this week…phew, it was a long one. Feeling pretty good tonight…thinking I’ve pretty much kicked it


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