life is better with…ben istimur’s instagram feed


These are Instagram photos. Yeah, I KNOW!

I follow a ton of different yogis and yoginis on Instagram…it has become quite a place for daily inspiration. However, Ben Istimur takes it to a whole other level. I am blown away by these. Just another example of how the internet and social media are constantly creating new spaces for artistic expression. I’ve had a hard time finding out any more on Istimur, but I’m going to keep looking. For now, enjoy his instagram feed, which has tons more of these beautiful photos.

Other yogis I love following on Instagram include:

Kathryn Budig and Tiffany Cruikshank
Two of my favorite yogaglo ladies–they have a great blend of yoga and personal photos. Great sense of humor and tons of dogs, so that makes me happy.

MacKenzie Miller
Seattle based instructor. Crazy high quality video and photos–mostly handstand and inversion work.

Lamonte Tales Goode
Insane. Breakdancer/yogi/I’m not sure…insane videos and photos. He invented the crazy pose, Super Soldier/Inverted Compass, which I’ve been working on lately. Looks crazy, but is actually somewhat accessible.


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