Camera Workout: Week 51 and Happy Christmas!


Andrew decided to have a photo session with our new favorite ornament…I kinda love it.

Mom’s face…my face…my arm?!? What the heck…


That drool is real
2013-12-22 15.38.57
Was cleaning out old photos and found this…real, live documentation of what my bedroom looked like in high school…oh boy
2013-12-15 15.45.49

Bracelet bowl gets a freshening up too
2013-12-22 12.29.00
Andrew caught me headstanding…working on not using the wall…it’s getting there!

Dog mania again.

2013-12-22 15.38.07

One of our favorite Christmas decorations…a Purdue Santa…ha!
Finally, how could I not include a photo with baby Graham!?

Only one week left–lots more holiday snaps to come next week. Happy Christmas all! I need to jump off here now so I can walk across the street to the parents for PRESENT OPENING!






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