Camera Workout: Week 52!! 52!!

2013-12-25 10.30.54
New camera lens surprise Christmas present from Andrew…can’t wait until it gets here!

Andrew’s parents completely overwhelmed me with a print from Katie Rodgers, a fashion illustrator I gushed about on this very blog!
2013-12-25 13.27.49

Yay yay yay
2013-12-25 08.39.53
Wrapping paper…fascinating.
2013-12-25 10.01.11
I spy Smartwools…
2013-12-25 10.02.44
I’ve got a long way to go
2013-12-25 10.14.11
Dad made us a kitchen table for Christmas. So MAJOR!
2013-12-25 13.16.51
2013-12-25 14.27.26
Andrew decides to play with some funky filters on the Pentax…EYEBALL!
2013-12-25 14.09.34
At-home dry cleaning for a bajillion stuffed animals from work…living the dream
2013-12-27 15.58.29

We’re a little worried about this guy…his back legs have been hurting him this week…afraid arthritis might be setting in…
2013-12-24 11.10.13

Well, I did it! I cannot believe I made it all 52 weeks. I’ll be back tomorrow with my December wrap-up and a year wrap up! Busy time here on the blog!


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