life is better with…minted

So the folks over at asked me to check out their site and I was impressed….what a cool site this is!

How clever is this longitude/latitude print from Ohio (yay Midwest) designer Robin Ott? Basically, Minted is a unique landing spot for stationary, holiday cards, invitations, announcements, and art prints. Of course, you know me, I’m going to be most excited about the custom art prints…especially from the illustrators. I love Ott’s design because it’s custom…and you can get one with any locale in the world. I’m thinking I need one for Stavanger.

What caught my eye about this site is that it showcases independent graphic designers & artists from all over the world. They seek out the best and it shows. Here are some prints from the site that I love:

Prints from The Lovely Letters in Cape Town, South Africa:

This “All the Countries in the World” print from Anita Kingsley in Somerset West, South Africa:

How could I not include this love for my homestate of Indiana by Jessie Steury:

Love this quote from Moby Dick, illustrated by Ann Gardner in Irving, Texas

St. Louis’ BC Designers gets me with this one:

In addition to incredibly high standards design-wise, Minted is also pretty affordable. Go and explore….you won’t be sorry.


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