jan 2014


Things I learned this January:

1. IKEA can be even more fun than usual when you go on a weekday with a baby that never stops smiling.

2. I can fit twelve students in the studio…if we have to. So exciting! I am still so humbled by the number of people that have supported me in this little venture! Thanks all!

3. Kids are really funny and are noticeably less crazy after Christmas.

4. New Year’s is great time to be in the yoga business—thank you to all the new students at the studio…you’re awesome!

5. I can love snowy weather…if I’m working for a school…

6. …but enough with the winter…my first real one in 10 years and it’s -6 outside while I write this…yeah, that’s right. BARF

7. Nothing makes your life brighter more than watching 2+ episodes of Parks & Recreation every night…working our way through season three now

8. We will go see Book of Mormon in Louisville on May 31st. Yessssssssss

9. I might have finally started making myself get up at 5am to do yoga a couple days a week…it’s hard.

10. Jennifer Lawrence is overrated…sorry.

IMG_20140129_184834 IMG_20140126_100431 IMG_20140126_152854 IMG_20140127_153808 IMG_20140125_072803 IMG_20140123_154521 IMG_20140123_170643 IMG_20140124_163900 IMG_20140119_184714 IMG_20140120_150219 IMG_20140120_162011 IMG_20140121_120016 IMG_20140121_123334 IMG_20140121_133611 IMG_20140121_184832 IMG_20140122_113007 IMG_20140122_125004 IMG_20140122_150436 IMG_20140117_125446 IMG_20140118_142840 IMG_20140119_133114 IMG_20140119_135805 IMG_20140119_164915 2014-01-10_1389369165 2014-01-10_1389374098 2014-01-10_1389397792 2014-01-12_1389537692 2014-01-12_1389551130 2014-01-12_1389559913 2014-01-14_1389709418 2014-01-14_1389731582 2014-01-14_1389731690 2014-01-14_1389734215 2014-01-15_1389801706 2014-01-15_1389804930 2014-01-15_1389815981 2014-01-16_1389834493 2014-01-06_1389043190 2014-01-09_1389305325 2014-01-05_1388885764 2014-01-05_1388941239 2014-01-05_1388960854 2014-01-05_1388961020 2014-01-06_1389018413 2014-01-06_1389031101 2014-01-07_1389054433 2014-01-07_1389054650 2014-01-07_1389106708 2014-01-07_1389110728 2014-01-07_1389116827 2014-01-07_1389124354 2014-01-07_1389129323 2014-01-08_1389146444 2014-01-08_1389211714 2014-01-10_1389316261 2013-12-29_1388334214 2013-12-31_1388502918 2013-12-31_1388520601 2014-01-01_1388591559 2014-01-01_1388600362 2014-01-01_1388601183 2014-01-02_1388688082 2014-01-03_1388710533 2014-01-03_1388761954 2014-01-03_1388767511 2014-01-03_1388782363 2014-01-04_1388867933


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