Poses: 15/52: Prasarita Padottanasana


Prasarita Padottanasana A…ahhh I love it. I used to hate the prasarita variations, but lately, I’m loving them. Something really clicked recently and my head is grazing the floor in all variations…EEK.

David Garrigues gives us a tutorial in his Asana Kitchen…such a typically bizarre Ashtangi…I love it

The B, C, and D version of this pose simply change the position of your arms. C version and I are pretty much always fighting. I know that nothing will change in my life when my hands hit the floor, but I can still chase this goal right?

A lightbulb went off during my practice the other day…it doesn’t necessarily take a ton of shoulder flexibility to get the hands to the floor, but a better connection to your feet, legs, and core. More flexibility in the hamstrings and back will help get hands down, not focusing solely on shoulder rotation.

Happy folding!

Oh and as if you needed another reason to love Jared Leto, but here you go






  1. I just started practicing yoga! I’ll have to go through your yoga posts for inspiration. My hamstrings are killing me! As of right now, I’m not so flexible… I’ll get there. Yoga is hard.



    1. Yay! It can be hard in the beginning, but stick with it…it’s totally changed my life for the better! I like it because it’s a quiet, focused and disciplined approach to “working out,” but that’s just me. ;)

      Thanks for commenting! Can’t wait to read more from you!



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