Poses: 20/52: Parsvakonasana


Parsvakonasana or Side (Parsva) Angle (Kona) Pose (Asana). I found some really cool infographic/photos of poses over at Yoga by Candace.

fd5093d50370efdb6c770a05f6534704Parsvakonasana is one of those poses that I used to think was just basic and boring. However, the longer I practice, the more I realize the importance of this posture. It is building the foundation for so many more advanced poses and should be treated as such.

Click here for a decent instructional video on how to do this pose from My Yoga Online.

The top photo for Bandha Yoga illustrates the muscles that are contracting…here’s example of what’s stretching

One of my favorite parts of this yearly challenge is discovering new yoga pose illustrators. This week we have this amazing little minimalist charcoal sketch from Janet Manalo. She has a ton more…I suggest you check her out!

utthita parsvakonasana lrg





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