new house wish list part II: rugs


Yeah I know this is a crappy photo…blurry and just generally not great, but it was taken with my $19 smartphone, so there you go. It’s the only photo of the interior we have right now…moving in less than a week now! AH. As you can see, the inside is a little dark and heavy, so we need BRIGHT and BOLD when comes to rugs. However, I get a little scared about how bright and bold to go…I would love to have one of these rugs…remember when I blogged about them almost three years ago!? Crazy…but I’m fairly certain those would break the budget.

There is no carpet in this house. YAY. We also we own zero rugs. And while I love hardwood, a rug or two is going to be needed. Here’s what I’m eyeing:

1. Confetti Flora Rug // Anthropologie


3. Hand Tufted Goldfish rug // nuLOOM200MRTU40A_8db2c1a4-d821-4f9f-ad74-0d17c08d568f_large

4. Solid Angled Basketweave Wool Rug // West Elmimg53c

5. Multi Color Swirl Hooked Wool rug // World Market

Of course I could list about a ton more from here and there. I keep discovering new and better places for them online. Right now, I’m really serious about that goldfish rug.



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