Poses: 31/52: Supta Virasana


Supta Virasana or Sleeping/Reclined Hero Pose. Technically, this pose is considered restorative, but for many people, it is NOT. Super challenging. It used to be a huge struggle for me, but I started practicing it every night before bed and I am now a total convert. I, however, started out more like this:


It makes you feel a little silly to have an enormous tower of props behind you, but this pose has so many benefits, it’s worth it. For some, having your knees in this position might be a deal breaker. In that case, a different restorative pose might be the best option. But if your knees are okay in this position of deep, deep flexion, try it. Not only does it calm the body + mind, it is wonderful for you feet, legs, hips, and low back. It’s therapeutic if you’re someone who is on your feet all day and also if you sit all day. It does double duty!

In addition to it’s therapeutic applications, supta virasana is the gateway to deeper backbends. Stretching your quadriceps and psoas in this manner is one of the best preps for backbending ever. Here’s a tutorial:

In case you haven’t noticed, we have another restorative pose today. It’s been a week let me tell you! All goods things, but oh man, FRIDAY. FRIDAY. FRIDAY. I’m in need of restoration!


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