Poses 38/52: Yoga to sleep better


This week we look at poses that help us sleep better. I’ll be honest, I’ve never had any trouble sleeping. I know it seems like a humble brag, but I sleep hard. Since I was a kid, I’ve LOVED getting into bed and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m OUT. And, I usually don’t bat a lash until morning when my alarm goes off. I know….I do not take this for granted and if I ever had a kid, I’m in for a rude awakening…no pun intended.

I was asked by Casper to feature my favorite poses for sleep. About a year ago I started doing 20 to 30 minutes of yin yoga before bed. It has made a huge difference in my practice. Flexibility is something I continually struggle with and stretching before bed has really helped. Here are some of my favorite resources for bedtime yoga:

Night Cap Pratice with Kathryn Budig
Unfortunately, you have to be a YogaGlo subscriber to take advantage of this one. It’s awesome. I use it ALL the time.

 Viparita Karani, or Legs-up-the-Wall pose



I love this pose…not much to it, just throw your legs up the wall and get your bum as close to the wall as possible.

Upavishta Konasana — Restorative style


This is my favorite thing ever right now. I’m still not fully back into my practice after having the plague…have been doing this one a lot lately. The more props the better.

Supta Baddha Konasana

Or, try out this curated list of free sequences:

Yoga for Deep Sleep // Livestrong Woman

Bedtime Yoga // Yoga for Adrienne

Bedtime Yoga // Ekhart Yoga

This is not a sponsored post, but Andrew and I are in the need of a new mattress…I can’t help but be tempted by Casper’s products. Learn more here.


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