yep. indeed!


Yep, today I’m supposed to explain my blog’s name. Indeed I will!

I’ve answered this questions in my FAQs page, so here you go:

Why did you name your blog yepindeed? What does it mean?

I wish I had a better answer for this. I literally put little to no thought into this blog’s title. I just thought it sounded fun and quick. I also want it to be a space for things that bring happiness into my life, so the positive connotation of both words works I suppose. And Joy the Baker likes it, so there’s that

I’ve considered changing it because it doesn’t make any sense at all, but people seem to like it so it’s staying. That’s right, the first two words that came to mind are my blog title…put together.

If you have any others questions about this blog, pop over to the FAQs page. I explain why I’m not on Facebook and why some sixty year old Norwegian women were my only wedding guests.

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