2014-09-21 14.01.45

Today the task is to blog about what inspires me. I have so many different answers to this question, I thought it might be fun to just make a big ol’ list full of photos, links, music, gifs, and videos that speak to me today! First, I had to include this photo of my “postcard” collection. I have a box full of photographs, postcards, business cards, magazine pages, etc, that I’ve saved over the years. It’s always on display in my house to remind of things and inspire me day to day.

Enjoy and a big thank you to all of the people responsible for this list.

this quote….and of course Tina Fey in general
yoga instructor Kathryn Budig
Picture books.
God knows I see enough of them…it never gets old though.

This pillow

This dang Ed Sheeran song that I can’t stop listening to right now

This gal. I really love her blog and her sense of humor. I’ve said it before several times, but I’ll always give her love whenever I can.

Lorraine Loots and her amazing 365 project. Go to her website, follow her on instagram….now.

10693597_1636920963201595_1684489772_n 10665502_340769226096184_1641696988_n 10684304_511693472301102_1708602483_n10593439_1452831128271016_1520911725_n

Sticks furniture….I will own this dining room table one day!


this Corgi gif



These tote bags



Watching Laruga Glaser do Ashtanga yoga.

Well I’m out of time. We’re headed to Michigan today for a wedding. Quick trip, will be back tomorrow!

Have a great Saturday!







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