some favorite thiiiiiiings

i feel it all

Some of my favorite things today.

I pulled up last year’s favorite things post and I’m pretty much still loving all of those items. No repeats today, these are all in addition to that list.




If you’ve got #shorthairdontcare, it’s the best out there. I’ve also been using this product from LUSH, which is a totally weird consistency, but works well.

empty glass roll-on bottles // here’s an Amazon link


I found mine at Whole Foods. So easy to fill with any neutral oil like jojoba, vitamin e, or argan, then add a few drops of essential oil. Boom. You got fragrance.

PocketCasts // Google Play store


Most definitely the best podcast app I’ve found for Android phones.

IKEA// STÖPEN LED block candles


Not only do these give off the softest, flickering light, but they come on and off with a simple shake of the hand. So fun.

lululemon // ebb to street pant


Treated myself to these for my birthday and now I want them in every single color. A lot thicker than most leggings, warmer, and more substantial. They’re worth it.

Bose // SoundLink Mini bluetooth speaker


Upgraded from the JBL Flip to the Bose this year. Crazy good.

 Waxelene // petroleum jelly alternative



I don’t know if you remember the Windex fascination from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but that was my grandmother with Vaseline. It cures everything right!? Of course, it’s also straight up petroleum. I was excited to find this at Whole Foods while browsing the beauty section. I also found a little empty screw top pot to put some in on the go….along with my empty roller for essential oils. Buh bye chapped lips!



Yeah, I’ve only had this for a couple weeks, but OH MY GOD. Life changer. Never ever thought I’d actually get one. I’ve been playing around with it–my smoothie game is on point!

Oh and this GIF, always and forever



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