a perfect yoga playlist


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This is a perfect yoga playlist.

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have the first track available. Boo. It’s from the Up in the Air soundtrack. It’s the best class opener ever.

Genova // Charles Atlas 

…Passing By // Ulrich Schnauss

The Lime Tree // Trevor Hall

I’ve Got This Friend // The Civil Wars

Bad Body Double // Imogen Heap

Coffee // Sylvan Esso

Song for Zula // Phosphorescent

I’m a Lady // Santigold

Like Real People Do // Hozier

This Woman’s Work // Greg Laswell

Free Fallin’ // John Mayer

Find this playlist on Spotify or here you go:



staying warm

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Wow, has it been cold.

Word on the street is that we’re in for some “wintry mix” tonight.

This week I’ve been keeping warm and ignoring the cold by wearing extra soft, extra long warm crazy socks.  

Like everyone else, continuously dancing to this song…maybe in the shower.

Margaritas at El Mundo. Last night Andrew ordered the prickly pear and it was so good!

Thinking about this hot chocolate from my name is yeh

Reading. I’m on a roll. Currently reading these two:

Screenshot 2015-01-11 07.30.29We watched the documentary, Art and Craft. I kind of cried through the second half.

Loving my new Sorel boots. I have been wanting Sorels for ages and my head about popped off when I found them discounted by 60% at Anthropologie…they had one pair left…which was my size. I had to.

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I really should end this post because I’m working on it instead of meal planning/grocery listing for the week. So far, so good on that one..we’ll see how week two goes.

Stay warm!

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love for louisville yoginis

10872871_853848854635215_7788253830373776530_oIt’s Friday? Ok.

Let’s be real…I’m not getting down to business until Monday when I go back to work.

Sipping coffee this morning and catching up on blogs, resting some sore shoulders. After 108 Sun Salutations yesterday, they are feeling it a bit!

I just have to write this post to honor and thank the team at 502 Power Yoga for putting on such a fantastic event yesterday. It was a real blast.

I want to recognize the team of instructors I was lucky enough to teach with yesterday…so amazing. If you’re local…check these gals out!

Christine Saladino @yogatwistonlife
Cat Larimore @gato108
Jamie Calzi @jlcalzz
Laurie LeCompte @LaurieKeet
Jessica Santos @yogaslush
Dana Pelc Skrodzki
Sarah Kellinger Smith @502poweryoga
Beth Harris Phelps
Taylor Mcfarlane Owen @taylormarie2219
Karen Alladin @binkosaurus
Heidi Bartholomew
Mimi Hahn @mimihahn


And there you have it. Big thank you to the gang at lululemon oxmoor for this amazing photo! Again, I slacked and only got a few with my phone.

best of 2014: music for yoga

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Instead of just posting about my favorite music of the year, I thought I’d go more specific: music for yoga practice.

I’m very picky about my yoga music. While it’s fine when I’m taking class at various studios, I’m not a huge fan of traditional yoga music when practicing by myself. I’ll admit it, I blast some pretty unconventional stuff. This was a a great year for yoga music. Here are some songs that I cannot stop blasting.

Below is a full playlist via Spotify that I will continue to update.

Sylvan Esso // Coffee

Broods // Four Walls

Coldplay // Magic

Mimicking Birds // Bloodlines

Alt-J // Hunger of the Pine

FKA Twigs // Two Weeks

Full playlist on Spotify

Poses: 45/52: Inverted Compass or “Super Soldier”



This pose is CRAZY! Actually, it just looks kind of crazy. A new pose invented by breakdancer-yogi Lamonte Goode or better known on Instagram as @NightmareTales.

This guy is wild. I recommend following him just to let your jaw drop on a daily basis:



It’s about 50x easier than it looks. Here’s how to get in:

If you need a more in depth tutorial, Kathryn Budig has a great 90 min class towards it on Yogaglo. As she says, “it looks contorted.” Which it does, but it’s not really at all and is super fun!

Poses: 44/52: Marichyasana B


Don’t mind the bed head.

I love Marichyasana B. C and D? That’s another story.

These poses are rarely seen in classes unless you’re an Ashtangi. I’d never seen them before my first primary series class.

Have a look at A here. It’s a little bit more accessible than B.

The difference here is that you need one leg in lotus….or tucked under you if lotus is not okay for your knees. Some days are better than others for me.

This pose literally is wringing your body out like a dirty rag. I don’t consider it complete unless sweat is dripping off my forehead! HA!


Poses: 42/52 + 43/52: Urdhva Dhanurasana + Viparita Dandasana

2014-09-28_1411933985 10362224_227054304171124_1994741967_n

For the first time this year, I totally forgot to post a pose! Making up for it this week with two poses, similar to each other. One is obviously a gateway to the other.

For a long time Urdhva Dhanurasana, or full backbend, was a real challenge for me. It takes everything and it really takes it out of you. Exhausting.

Rather than write anything, the best possible source of information for these poses is Christina Sell. I still think of things I learned in her classes every single time I go up into a backbend.

For Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana, this trick of hers changed everything for me

Unfortunately I’ve been sidelined on these postures for the past couple weeks due to a pulled muscle in my chest due to coughing (I know right?!?!). It’s finally almost gone, so hopefully I’ll be wheeling before too long.