Answers to questions that put this blog in context…

Why did you name your blog yepindeed? What does it mean?
I wish I had a better answer for this. I literally put little to no thought into this blog’s title. I just thought it sounded fun and quick. I also want it to be a space for things that bring happiness into my life, so the positive connotation of both words works I suppose. And Joy the Baker likes it, so there’s that.

How did you get the name Graylin? Is it a family name?
Yes. My uncle’s name is Gralyn…same name, different spelling. He is from New Orleans and from what I hear, it’s a common man’s name down there! And no, I do not have the same last name as Andrew, I kept my maiden name.

Where did you go to college? How did you meet your husband?
Andrew and I dated in high school (yay marching band!) and then broke up after our first year of college. I went to Ball State University in Muncie, IN for freshman year. Great school, but Muncie was definitely not the town for me. I transferred to the University of North Carolina in Asheville, which wasn’t great for the relationship to say the least. I loved it there. I graduated with a BA in World Literature & Spanish and also completed a year in AmeriCorps. After that shenanigans, Andrew and I got back together, both graduating college in 2008.

Where all have you lived and why?
So you get back together with your high school boyfriend…who then gets a job in Stavanger, Norway…of course you move there with him with no idea of what you’re going to do!? But seriously…I knew I wanted to travel more (I’d studied abroad in college) and I knew I had a pretty good shot at getting a great au pair/nanny job, which I did, and it was awesome.

After a year in Stavanger, we decided to go to another country with horrible weather. We both got graduate degrees at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland. We lived in the best flat ever in the best location ever. We met great people and had a wonderful time. It was here that I found Ashtanga yoga and it was all over. I ended up with a master’s degree in Modern & Contemporary Literature, Andrew with one in Sustainable Energy. It was a blast.

From Scotland we headed back to the US and to Austin, Texas at that! Nothing like transitioning back to American living after two years in Europe by moving to TEXAS. Andrew was doing a PhD in Engineering at UT and I got one of the most important jobs of my life. I worked full-time at one of the best yoga studios I’ve ever been to. It was here that I received the best possible training in yoga, both for my personal practice and professional development.

However, we were only in Texas a year. Halfway through that year my mom (who is hands down one of my best friends) had to have emergency quintuple bypass. According to her doctors, it was miraculous she was alive at all. Needless to say, this put things into perspective and we decided to move home. Austin wasn’t thrilling us anyways…Andrew knew he did not want to spend the rest of his life in academia, so we hightailed it home. That was in 2011. Here in Kentuckiana, we got jobs, opened a yoga studio, bought motorcycles, adopted another dog, I started this blog, and then just recently bought our dream house.

Why didn’t you have a wedding?
Well, if you move to Norway with your boyfriend who has a job there, something’s got to be decided when your 3 month visitor’s visa is up. Marriage seemed like the best option. Ha! I’ve never in my life wanted to plan a wedding or pay for it. I don’t even have a diamond. My wedding ring was £20. Neither has Andrew. We rode the public bus to our ceremony, ate a crazy five course meal that night, then had a party at my parents house a few months later. Oh, and we also went to Greece for two weeks. That was nice.

I want to try yoga, but I’m not sure where to start?
If you’re interested in trying yoga, I suggest looking at some online classes, podcasts, videos, etc. Maybe just watching them, not following along. I recommend sites like YogaGlo, Cody App, Yoga with Adrienne, and Ekhart Yoga. Weird I know. Most people would just say, “go try a class!” But, in my opinion, in today’s world, it’s better to get an idea of what you’re in for beforehand. If you like what you see on these, go for it at your local studio. Look for classes that are basic or level 1. Avoid anything that has “vinyasa” in the title. You’ll just feel disgruntled.

What style of yoga do you do/teach?
Well…the answer to this question is always changing. I’ve never been “faithful” to one style at one time. I really thrive in a more active class and that’s why I was initially so inspired by the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. However, its many rules and regulations quickly drove me to other styles. I have tried everything. My personal practice consists of mostly vinyasa flow with Iyengar-based alignment classes and Ashtanga sprinkled throughout.

I teach a very safe form of vinyasa flow with a lot of attention given to alignment and technique.

Are you a vegan/vegetarian?
Simply put, NO. I haven’t bought any meat or poultry for over three years. Only fish at home, but if I’m at someone’s home and they’ve prepared meat, I’ll eat it. Same goes if I’m out at a restaurant and I feel like ordering it. I love to cook and rarely use eggs, butter, or milk. A few more words on my diet are found here.

Why aren’t you on Facebook?
I got rid of Facebook awhile back and it was amazing. Then I opened the studio and thought I needed it for my business. I then realized that was silly too. It has been the best decision ever. I know that Facebook can be excellent for connecting with friends, networking, and small businesses. However, I noticed that most of the people I wished to communicate with never posted anything, or if they did I had other, more effective ways to talk to them. I hesitate to say more, but I have some strong opinions on Facebook and how it affects relationships. Some people have said it better than I ever will.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully that clears some things up!



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