january 2015


January…you were fast and furious!

Lots going on, kind of feels like it lasted forever actually when I think back on it…It feels like forever since I’ve done a bullet point, monthly wrap up so let’s get going!

1. It has already been so great to Kaylex and Baby Graham back in Corydon and down the street at that!

2. We had a ton of new students at the studio and am excited about some future plans in that department.

3. Successfully participated in National Readathon Day.

4. Feeling a little overwhelmed with inspiration in regards to podcasts and blogs. So many things to listen to and read!

5. Did not have a single snow day. Boo.

6. Started the year off right with 108 Sun Salutations with my fellow yogis and yoginis of Louisville. So good.

7. This book is OVERRATED.

8.And that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m a little distracted. I’ve been working hard on my new website. Yes, this blog will be moving locations very soon. Stay tuned!













































excuse me while I love this blog


So, I found Sara Cornelius’ illustrated food blog awhile ago. Then completely forgot about it. Not her though, I’ve keep tabs on instagram, but somehow missed most of her feed?!

Whatever, we all know I’m a mess when it comes to organizing social media. Anywho, when she posted a beautiful illustration yesterday, I was reminded of her great blog. After reading an fantastic post of podcast recommendations, right when I’m needing new podcasts, I knew I had to do a post on her blog, Cake over Steak. 


It’s unique, beautiful, and aligned directly with my tastes. I feel like a total goober for forgetting about it!

Please forgive me Sara, you are awesome and I’ve added you to my Feedly. I await more posts…eagerly.


favorite instagram accounts



I love Instagram. Because I’ve already mentioned my favorite yoga accounts, I’m going to keep them off this list.


Food and drink being tossed up in the air. What’s not to love?!


I love Emily McDowell’s stationary and other products. Below is my favorite that I keep meaning to buy…teehee


Ok, so Louisville has a full size lululemon now. We have Anthropologie, Madewell, Lush, and Lucky’s Market. We’ve even got a Mellow Mushroom. I don’t care about any of that until we get a Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Their Instagram is beautiful, mouth-watering, and fascinating. Their website is also super pretty.

Laura Miller has a crazy voice, which you can hear on her videos, Raw, Vegan, Not Gross. But she also does daily portraits with produce.

The cutest feed you’ll ever see. The daily adventures of a basset hound that was born several months ago.


The prettiest cookies you’ll ever see.

Not a huge fan of fashion blog Instagram feeds that make everything look picture perfect all the time, but this one does it so well it gets my respect. Even better, she shows some of the behind the scenes stuff about how they get such perfect photos.


So there you have it. Of course there are many more, but that’s a good variety for now. Can’t believe how quick this November challenge is going! We’re almost halfway done!


September 2014


This month brought on beach vacations, crazy fever viruses, vanilla chai scones, American Horror Story: Coven binge sessions, and more. It was whirlwind!

1. Any and all Charles Shaw varietals taste 100x better on the beach

2. You can lose all faith or respect for one of your local news stations in one day. My coworkers know what I’m talking about on this one.

3. What you think is allergies can quickly turn into having a 101 degree for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. Blargh.

4. Ian McEwan is flawless. Read this book in two sittings. It’s wonderful.

5. Burned through American Horror Story: Coven. Uhhhhhhh whoa. I really liked it…but, man. Not sure if I’m ready for the next round…it’s subject matter is making me uneasy already.

6. After AHS, we needed something light so started Veep on HBO. So funny right from the jump! So glad because I’ve heard it just gets better as it goes and there are three seasons. Woohoo!

7. After a trip to Bloomington, I’ve realized that I am completely out of touch with “what the kids are wearing these days.” The amount of high-waisted shorts and crop tops had me reeling.

8. Taking a couple weeks off of my yoga practice proved to be kind of amazing. Feeling stronger already. I’ve got to remember that sometimes rest is best.

9. I’ve given my Pinterest account a bit of a makeover. I’m going to try to use it a bit differently and a bit more, using it as an extensive of this blog. I come across so many amazing things & don’t always have the time to blog them all. I’ll be pinning them from now on! Follow along here.

10. I finally broke down and got rid of the $19 smartphone. I’m now using something decent so my photos will be a little bit better…phew, now all those dog, yoga, and food pics will be in focus! Ha.

2014-09-06_1410042040 2014-09-07_1410115573 2014-09-13_1410651130 2014-09-17_1410967538 2014-09-21_1411314512 2014-09-24_1411586408 2014-09-26_1411766875 2014-09-07_1410090330 2014-09-08_1410208548 2014-09-12_1410559559 2014-09-13_1410620719 2014-09-13_1410625302 2014-09-14_1410722014 2014-09-18_1411042390 2014-09-20_1411228393 2014-09-21_1411322612 2014-09-22_1411389735 2014-09-23_1411501685 2014-09-27_1411847809 2014-09-27_1411859889 2014-09-02_1409687697 2014-09-04_1409860871 2014-09-06_1410046445 2014-09-07_1410107638 2014-09-08_1410191428 2014-09-08_1410209849 2014-09-09_1410284430 2014-09-10_1410384601 2014-09-10_1410390047 2014-09-11_1410468936 2014-09-12_1410482824 2014-09-13_1410645988 2014-09-14_1410731778 2014-09-16_1410884082 2014-09-18_1411071117 2014-09-18_1411072250 2014-09-19_1411145851 2014-09-23_1411509667 2014-09-27_1411838494 2014-09-28_1411915711 2014-09-28_1411917681 2014-09-28_1411933985 2014-09-05_1409951358 2014-09-06_1410038406 2014-09-07_1410107536 2014-09-15_1410791025 2014-09-21_1411327125

Alright now, let’s do this. #pumpkin

a few days at the beach


Thought I’d share some photos from our trip to Edisto Island, SC earlier this week. My family has been renting beach houses there since I was a kid. We all agree that we must have a house right on the beach and it must have wifi. Ha.

My parents, Kaylex and baby Graham, Andrew, and Lis all body surfing by day, doing jigsaw puzzles and iPad-ing by night. It was great fun and we even managed to fit in a trip to Tupelo Honey on our way back. Perfect.


I love that time at low tide when the sand is black and muddy like


Beach house bookshelves…love to see what’s available…until I caught a glimpse of Diary of Wimpy Kid…NOOOOO. I see enough of it at work.IMGP1547IMGP15162014-09-08 11.52.44


The iPads…T2014-09-08 11.54.44

The pelicans were out of control.IMGP1524IMG_5189IMG_5188 IMG_20140909_095411 IMG_20140909_095452 IMG_20140909_095527 IMG_20140909_095832 IMG_20140909_10002120140910_103949


August 2014



Whoa. This month really took it out of me. It was crazy!

I apologize ahead of time…my instagram photos this month are basically all house pictures. It still doesn’t feel real. Andrew and I were saying to each other last night that it feels like we’re house sitting or staying in a hotel. It just hasn’t sunk in that this is our house.

1. I don’t recommend moving during the first week back of work at a school, while your yoga studio is seeing a major boom in attendance. It brings about insane behavior.

2. If you do have to do this, it does help to blast this power anthem on the way to work.

3. We’re all loving our official studio shirts. So fun! SO SOFT.

4. I ate a lot of chocolate chip cookies, mini drumsticks, and coconut chips this month. It was needed.

5. It seems that things are kind of falling apart around the world. If I’m being truly honest, August is always terrible. While tons of great things happened this month, every year it makes me lose it at some point. Not sure if it’s the heat or the anticipation of fall or what, but every year I have a meltdown.

Well, I can only come up with five this month because I’m ready to MOVE ON. The first week of September brings this three day weekend and then next weekend we’re headed to the beach for a few days. Much needed, can’t wait.

2014-08-01_1406921622 2014-08-02_1406989347 2014-08-03_1407091852 2014-08-03_1407093402 2014-08-04_1407180752 2014-08-05_1407199413 2014-08-05_1407266610 2014-08-05_1407281506 2014-08-06_1407336244 2014-08-08_1407516071 2014-08-09_1407607911 2014-08-09_1407621710 2014-08-09_1407621922 2014-08-10_1407684160 2014-08-10_1407706611 2014-08-11_1407789378 2014-08-12_1407878480 2014-08-14_1407977151 2014-08-15_1408061261 2014-08-16_1408212880 2014-08-16_1408216942 2014-08-17_1408299304 2014-08-17_1408312230 2014-08-17_1408318783 2014-08-18_1408396976 2014-08-19_1408475288 2014-08-20_1408575462 2014-08-19_14084761362014-08-20_14085754622014-08-22_14087516382014-08-23_14088263272014-08-24_14089076722014-08-26_14090823782014-08-26_14090860992014-08-27_14091424982014-08-28_14091889232014-08-28_1409259861asgg